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yuyuh - change your life

This section contains informative articles on day to day life, which are purely my thoughts.

When I developed this website I kept on developing the subdomains with various topics but what should be the topic of the main site - this question challanged me two sleepless nights. It should be somthing unique and purely mine. Let it not be Search engine friendly or may it not drive the traffic but it should be mine - It should be unique. Then the idea flashed ---------

Why don't I write my thoughts. Right from childhood I am a very sensitive and introvert kind of person, so a lot of ideas keep coming in my mind.These thoughts kept on bothering me. Being very less friendly I had got no friends to share them. The same ideas I have placed here on my site, as topic of my main site.

If you also want to share your thoughts here you can e-mail me. More over to discuss on these thoughts you can use yuyuh forums, till the time I make this section interactive. Thank You.


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