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Bribe - Good or Bad

Dictionary meaning of bribe is - Payment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgment or Make illegal payments to in exchange for favours or influence.

What do you think about bribe in government offices, especially in Indian context? If you ask my view – I would say “Yes, Bribe is good, at least in today’s situation!”
Why, to bribe is good?
Because at least, the work get’s done.
Don’t worry, I am not a Civil Government official and so I am favouring this bribe culture. Rather I belong to defence forces of this country where no one dares to take or offer the bribe, at least at lower levels.
Then why I am favouring such a corrupt culture, even after belonging to a clean organisation? I got this view from several incidents that I faced, which I would like to share.
INCIDENT – I – I Can’t bribe
This is the first case where I can’t bribe even if I want to............

Full story coming soon. I am in process of typing it.


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