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Have you ever thought why you are unable to succeed in your job instead of working very hard? Do you know why you still remain an average performer in studies in spite of reading day and night? Your marks stick to an average as they were made for that?

It has only one line answer!
You were not wise while you were choosing your subject of study or field of work!


Because you have chosen a subject or work that doesn’t suits your interest. You might wanted to do some dream job of yours, but got engaged somewhere else. You might be reading a subject totally boring for you.

If so, then can you tell me what my interesting subject is? How can I find out what work I am interested in?

Though a very crucial question and a major decision that can change your life, the solution is very simple. Here the solution comes illustrating the way to find out you interest.
Just for a day sit idle with no work in hand. Complete leisure and fully alone. Do whatever you want, not what you have to. Read what ever you are willing to. But keep a record what ever you have done that day. Now repeat the process four or five times.
Now check your records – What you have done mostly and still want to do? What you have read most and still wish to read?
That will give you the solution to your question. What ever work tops your list, make that your career choice. If you are studying, then study for that thinking as your career to join.

How every thing can be a career choice? What I did had nothing to do with careers?

In today’s world every field has a career. The need is to find the right way.

Right from fashion to cricket, computer games to story reading – everything will lead you to a successful career. The need is your interest and devotion.
I present my own example. I like web development – and I can work on computers continuously for hours, even days. But I can’t read history even for ten minutes. I’ll fall asleep.
Summarising – Your dreams are your way to success. Just identify your interest and go for it.



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