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Religion or Modern law / Is our culture detoriating

A little incident brought this thought in my mind. That was Janm-astami. People were celebrating the birth day of lord Krishna in the Temple. A bhandara(Prasad and meals) was also organised in the temple. I was also there to attend the festival, especially the bhandara, really speaking- not by devotion but for change of taste of my tongue. Some of my friends were also there for the same purpose. You can say we were totally nonsense kind of people present at that holy place.

After having meals, one of my friends said “Now as we have taken the meals we should do some ‘seva’ and help the persons of the organising committee” The other one said “we should let our hands to the persons distributing the food”. I don’t know from where this rubbish thought came to their minds when no one was compelling us for that.

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