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Job or Life?

Have we born to do a job only.
What is the purpose of our life.
Does our life mean Duty, eating and sleeping.
Is there a cause for which I live, or simply doing and dying is our concept.
If we have to die one day, contributing nothing to the mankind, then why not today? - why I am alive?
If the purpose of my job is to fill my stomach - purpose of my filled belly is to keep me alive - and purpose of my being alive is to do my job ?????????????????????? WHY
Is it the Jeevan Chakra

Job and Life - Tough to choose

If our prime motivation of life is just getting engaged in a job or career.
Is it money that matters everything in life.
Is the money I am earning is making any sense in my life or just I am earning the money.
We had dreams while we were children - we had inspiration while we were young - But Have those dreams come true - Have we been able to convert our inspirations to reality.
Let's not waste our life for a job which doesn't suits me- which doesn't fulfill my dreams- which is a compultion rather a selection.
Let's make our Job as we wish. Let's not make ourselves as our job wishes.
Just think - What ever we ever wanted to do, what we wanted to do when we were children, what is our ultimate aim of life-That should decide what job I should do, which career path I should choose. A job should do more than feed our family - it should feed our creativity and add a sense of self as well. That's the concept of a job. Let's not ruin our lives.
If Job is the ultimate aim of our life - Let's live it. Let's live our Job, Let's Live our career - and inspire others to live it.



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